Waldron & Sons

 415 W Northfield Blvd OFC | Murfreesboro TN  37129

Home Apartments

Saddlebrook Apartments

1911 Saddlebrook Dr | Murfreesboro TN  37129

615.890.0808 * 615.895.1454 (fax)


Rent: $1120 - $1270     Income Requirement:

Bedrooms: 1-2                  1 Bed-$4300/monthly

Bath: 1-2                            2 Bed-$4700/monthly

Windsor Downs Apartments

1001 Mason Tucker Drive | Smyrna TN  37167

615.459.7071 * 615.459.0829(fax)


Rent: $1105- $1305        Income Requirement:   

Bedrooms: 1-2                  1 Bed-$4300/monthly

Baths: 1-2                          2 Bed-$4700/monthly

Haynes Manor Apartments

415 W Northfield Blvd | Murfreesboro TN  37129

615.890.0808 *  615.895.1454 (fax)


Rent: $1005 - $1170      Income Requirement:

Bedrooms: 1 - 2               1 Bed-$4000/monthly

Baths: 1 - 2                       2 Bed-$4400/monthly

Maitland Court Apartments

310 Byrd Avenue | Murfreesboro TN  37129

615.890.0808 * 615.895.1454 (fax)


Rent: $1025- $1075        Income Requirement:

Bedrooms: 1                    1 Bed-Small $3900/mo

Baths: 1                             1 Bed-Lrge  $4000/mo

Pet Policy

All of our complexes are  “Pet Friendly”.  We welcome cats and dogs, up to two pets per home, with a full-grown maximum weight limit of 20 pounds each and twelve inches in height.  Call us with any pet-related questions.

Pet Fee: $300 per pet (non-refundable)

We do reserve the right to restrict certain breeds or animals that we deem to be aggressive.

Emergency Maintenance Policy

We do offer emergency maintenance.  Please click on the link below to see what is covered.

Emergency Maintenance Covered

Application Requirements:

    Application must be filled out in full for everyone over the age of 18 that

 will be living in the unit.

     Each applicant must provide a valid US Driver’s License or Government

 issued ID, a Valid Social Security Number and be present when

 submitting the application.

    Proof of income from paycheck stubs or outside source for the two most

 recent pay periods. Income required is based on monthly gross             amounts.

     A credit, felony and sexual offender check is done for each applicant.

Move-In Costs:

   $20 Application fee per person/family.

   $200 Deposit per person/family-to hold the unit for up to 7 days.

    We offer 12 month leases.  Shorter terms are available after the

          initial lease expires.

    Rent pro-rated from move in date until month’s end.

     We require water and electric to be put in the tenant’s name and             renter’s insurance.